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Gambling Laws & Administrative Rules

Gambling Laws

The Montana Legislature has authorized limited legal gambling in Montana. Poker, keno, bingo, and video line gambling machines are legal with a maximum $2 bet and $800 payout. Legal live games include: raffles, bingo, keno, panguingue, poker and shake-a-day. Sports pools, fantasy sports leagues and sports tab games are also legal. These are non-banking games in which players bet against and settle with each other rather than betting against and settling with the house.

The legal age for gambling in Montana is 18, with the exception of raffles conducted by churches, schools, charitable and nonprofit organizations. Children under 18 years old may participate in these.

Gambling Regulations

The Gambling Control Division has adopted administrative rules to carry out the Montana statutes governing the legal gambling activities it oversees. The rules are enacted under the Administrative Rules of Montana Title 23, Chapter 16, available online through the Secretary of State’s Office.

Administrative Rules Proposed

On September 27, 2019, at 1:30 p.m., the Department of Justice will hold a public hearing in the conference room of the Gambling Control Division, 2550 Prospect Avenue, Helena, Montana, to consider the proposed adoption and amendment, of the below-stated rules. Details: MAR Notice 23-16-258