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Most of the forms related to the Gambling Control Division’s broad licensing and permitting responsibilities are available on the Gambling and Liquor Forms page. Many applications and permits can now be applied for online through TAP by visiting https://tap.dor.mt.gov.

Alcoholic Beverage/ Gambling Operator Combined License

Note* In order to be eligible to receive Temporary Gambling Authority, you must apply online in TAP.

Card Dealer Licenses

Montana law requires anyone dealing cards in a live card game of panguingue or poker to have a card dealer’s license.

An administrative Rules Hearing was held on January 24, 2019, which affects card dealer licenses. Gambling Control Division has adopted MAR Notice 23-16-265 and the Administrative Rules are now effective as of March 16, 2019.

How to Apply for a Standard Card Dealer License
Card Dealer License Identification Card
  • As a new card dealer applicant, you are required to go to your local Motor Vehicle Division Office to have your Photo and Signature taken (refer to annual renewal section below to see required documents and document submission cycle)
  • The effective changes require that you wear and display your valid card dealer license in a prominent manner while on duty.
  • Card Dealer License application packets will no longer be provided by the local Motor Vehicle Division Offices (fingerprint cards can be obtained at your local law enforcement office). The newly updated application (Form 4) is available and can be found on the Forms Page.
  • If you are unable to obtain the application online, please contact Gambling Control Division at [email protected] or (406) 444-1971 to request a hard copy application.
  • Any new or renewed licenses issued after the effective date will expire June 30, 2019 (at the end of the fiscal year) and renewed annually thereafter. This is consistent with all other Gambling Control Division license types.
  • If you are applying and needing a temporary license issued while your application is being processed, you must set up an appointment to meet in person with a GCD investigator. To find the contact information for the nearest GCD field office, please go to our Contact page.
  • Complete all the required forms, obtain fingerprints and enclose a check for the appropriate amount:
    • $105.00 for a new application
    • $55.00 for a renewal (Complete your renewal online with ease through TransAction Portal (TAP) now that fingerprints, photos/signature, and PHS only need to be submitted every five (5) years).
    • $10.00 for a replacement
  • Mail the completed application and check to: Gambling Control Division (Coming Soon: You will have the ability to apply for a card dealer license online through TransAction Portal TAP)
    Department of Justice
    2550 Prospect Avenue
    P.O. Box 201424
    Helena, MT 59620-1424
Annual Renewals
  • Fingerprints submissions will no longer be required annually for renewals but rather in most cases every five (5) years. Photos/Signature, and Personal History Statements (PHS) will remain on a five (5) year submission cycle. *If there are any changes to your Personal History during the licensed period, you must submit an updated PHS (Form 10) at the time of renewal.
Online Access
  • Complete your renewal online with ease through TransAction Portal (TAP) now that fingerprints, photos/signature, and PHS only need to be submitted every five (5) years.
  • Coming Soon: The updated application (Form 4) can be submitted online through TAP for faster streamlined processing.
How to Renew a License that has Expired within the Last 30 Days

If you fail to renew your dealer license by its expiration date, within 30 days you can renew it by following the same process that is used to apply for a temporary license.  You must complete the application form and submit a check for $55.00 along with two fingerprint cards.  You must complete the section on the application form regarding any new criminal history information.

If you fail to renew within the 30-day period, follow the instructions for applying for a standard license application.

How to Apply for a Temporary Card Dealer License

Beginning July 1, 2007, people applying for a temporary card dealer license must:

  1. Go to a local driver exam station to have your photo taken and pick up an application packet.
  2. Call a Gambling Control Division Office to make an appointment for an interview. Division offices are located in Billings, Bozeman, Glendive, Great Falls, Helena, Kalispell and Missoula.
  3. Bring the following to the interview:
    • a completed application
    • two completed fingerprint cards
    • a check for $105.00 for the new license application fee

The Gambling Control Division makes every attempt to process requests for temporary licenses within 24 hours. If you meet all of the legal requirements, your temporary license will be available at the division office or, in some cases, at a local Workforce Services office, on the next business day. If your application is approved, your standard card dealer license will be mailed to you within four weeks.